Loukoumia & Water Sweets

Loukoumia & Water Sweets “GERANEIA” is a family business that started from 1958.

Our Loukoumia & Water Sweets are made from a traditional 60 year old recipe enriched with new flavours and fresh ideas.

Παραδοσιακά Λουκούμια Γεράνεια

Traditional Loukoumi

Boxed Greek Delights with traditional Rose or Mastic flavours.

Greek Loukoumi

Loukoumi is a Greek sweet tradition that does not need a refrigerator and its ingredients are simple and pure.

Loukoumi accompanies Greek coffee in the traditional cafes of Greece and is an integral part of the orthodox monasteries.

It is one of the purest sweets as it contains neither animal nor vegetable fats and does not need preservatives.

Loukoumi With Almonds

Loukoumi With Almonds

Boxed Greek Delights with almonds in traditional style or covered with coconut.

Geraneia Loukoumi

Geraneia have been producing Loukoumi since 1958 in Loutraki, Peloponnese, from an age old recipe enriched with new varieties and flavours with fresh ideas keeping the tradition of over 60 years.

Maintaining and improving the recipe passed down by previous family generations.

We offer the original tasty delights and the traditional water sweets.

Loukoumi With fruits Γεράνεια

Loukoumi With fruits

Boxed Greek Delights with fruits in traditional style or covered with coconut.

The making of Loukoumi

The preparation of the loukoumi is done in large quantities in high-heat cauldrons.

The process lasts several hours and with experience ascertains when the mixture is ready, then emptied into trays sprinkled with sugar and allowed to cool.

The following day, it is cut into several sizes, packaged and available for consumption.

Τα Γεράνεια Loutrákion

Water Sweets

Traditional water sweet called hypovrichio (submarine) with either strawberry, mastic, vanilla or pistachio flavor.

Water sweet is a sweet closely linked to tradition, is one of the purest sweets as it contains neither animal nor vegetable fat, its only guilty ingredient is sugar. For the above reason we find it quite often in balanced diets and diets.

Water sweet with Strawberry flavour
Water Sweet with Mastic Flavour
Water Sweet with Vanilla Flavour
Water sweet with Pistachio flavour