Weddings & Baptisms

Weddings and baptisms are two of the most important stages for couples & parents. Preparation for the event is both demanding and pleasant for the couples, parents, guests, young and old but especially the honored persons!

Impress your guests with the original Greek Delight treats, consisting of pure and non-preservative ingredients such as loukoumi and water sweets, we offer you many choices.

Some of the common choices are:

  • Wedding / Baptism wedding, glass jar with a water sweet (110g) vanilla / mastic with strawberry / strawberry / peanut, decorated with ribbon, cloth and metallic teaspoon.
  • Wedding / baptism wedding, glass jar with loukoumia (80gr) in various flavors and combinations, decorated with ribbon and cloth.
  • Wedding / baptism wedding, toys with loukoumia (80gr) in various flavors and combinations.

If you would like to make an order for your wedding or baptism them please fill in our enquiry form here, or call us for more information on +30.27440 23155

Κέρασμα γάμου/βάπτισης λουκούμια για κορίτσιΚέρασμα γάμου/βάπτισης