About Geraneia

strong>The Loukoumi factory "Geraneia" was established in 1958. A family business made up of two brothers, Kostantinos and Anargyros Sakellariou. In 1982, the two siblings Giorgos Sakellariou and Sotirios Mexias took over the reins of the business. The old traditional recipes were enriched with new varieties of flavors and fresh ideas to respect and maintain 60 years of Loukoumi.

Both Loukoumi and vanilla are purely sweet, with relatively few calories, as they are produced from natural ingredients without added preservatives and fat. The main ingredients of the Greek Delights are water, sugar, starch and citric acid. If it is enriched with nuts, it contains the beneficial nut fat.

The preparation of the Loukoumi is done in large mixing and high-heat cauldrons. The process lasts several hours and the master with experience ascertain when the mixture is ready, then emptied into trays sprinkled with sugar and allowed to cool. The following day, it is cut into several sizes, packaged and available for consumption. The most famous flavors are mastic, rose and bergamot, all with or without filling of chopped almonds. Some of the new flavors that have enriched the variety of Loukoumi and have become particularly popular are coconut and fruit.

Vanilla - or Water Sweets - are produced from water, sugar and glucose. The mixture is stirred in cauldrons, then hit and as it cools turns into the known white Water Sweet. Its name Water Sweet (Submarine) is due to the fact that it is served in a teaspoon that sinks into a glass of cold water. You can enjoy it in the well-known classic flavors of vanilla and mastic.

A box of Loukoumia from "Geraneia" is the most popular "sweet" gift and made in Loutraki. So if you visit the site, select your favorite jar of Water Sweet (submarine) or a box of Greek delights "Geraneia" new, separate luxury packaging with pictures of local history and tradition of the region.