About Water Sweets

Underwater, a sweet, well-connected with tradition, nostalgic family moments, childhood memories, village holidays, courtyards and squares flooded with joyful childhood voices. There was no house that would not have hidden a submarine jar, a pure, summer, refreshing sweet that would withstand the heat. At one time, it was even the official passage of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

A sweet with many names such as sweet vanilla, vanilla, submarine vanilla, submarine and several flavors, ranging from classical vanilla and mastic to the newer and more fashionable of strawberry, peanut and many more that occasionally enrich the delicious canvas. In the postmodern era, we meet and consume it, apart from the traditional traditional way, as a glaze or decorative in various sweets.

The word "submarine" has come from the way it serves, which refers to a normal submarine that dives and emerges from the sea, and finds a cave as a refuge. Our sea is a glass of iced water in which our sweet submarine sinks for the necessary dives and finds one, not so hospitable for this, a shelter ... our palate!

It is one of the purest sweets as it contains neither animal nor vegetable fats, its only guilty ingredient is sugar. For this reason, we find it quite often in balanced diets and diets.

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