About Loukoumi

The story of the Loukoumi is long and popular, but at the same time has suffered many distortions over the years, for the benefit of the historian. A sweet story like the story of the Loukoumi could not stand in words but in taste, so let the words and possible irregularities to "specialists".

Loukoumi, a sweet tradition, with pleasant nostalgic moments, but also with difficult, interwoven with hardships and poverty. It was one of the few sweets of the past as it was easy to store, it did not need a refrigerator and its ingredients are simple and pure. This is the little treat that accompanies Greek coffee in the traditional cafes of Greece and is an integral part of the treasure in the orthodox monasteries. The main ingredients of the candy are water, sugar, starch and sour. It is one of the purest sweets as it contains neither animal nor vegetable fats and does not need preservatives; its only "guilty" ingredient is sugar. If it is enriched with nuts, it only contains the beneficial fat of the nuts. The relatively few calories and the absence of fat are the reasons we often find it along with the sweet submarine in balanced diets and diets.

Its manufacturing process is time-consuming, requiring good mood and patience, the varieties many and bold for every sophisticated and bold palate. The most widespread choices are the Chios mastiha and the rose. The Lukoumias and Vanilla Workshop "Gerania", showing respect for tradition and the consumer, continues to make these two sweets with pure, quality ingredients and inexhaustible taste.

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